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    Default response.redirect cache problem

    &nbsp;<BR>hi last week i got stuck on a problem that i posted here <BR>I still havent been able to solve it despite trying seemingly everything <BR>It is basically a simple app with a list screen which goes to a detail screen for each record - records can be updated , deleted or inserted ... <BR>upon any of these transactions there is a response.redirect back to the list screen - but the list screen does not reflect the updated record unless you manually refresh the page - ( it does on the first transaction but if you try any update,add,or delete after the list screen caches)<BR><BR>I have posted the app ( it is just bare bones application - i just need to solve this problem before continuing ) here <BR><BR> <BR><BR>if you do want to have a closer look at the code you can <BR>download it here <BR><BR> <BR>- the folder &#039;db&#039; needs write permission for IUSR_MACHINE on it as it is running from an access database. <BR><BR><BR>thanks in advance for any help ... <BR>

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    I have posted the answer on the thread on this page.

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    Default thank you.

    andrew thanks so much! - this had been driving me nuts - i didnt notice your reply from the other thread... <BR>one of the features I had read about .NET was that it had a good garbage collection so closing objects was no longer needed - but in this case .... <BR>thanks again / t :)

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    It was a bit puzzling so I tried stuff :) <BR>ADO Connections are not simple "normal" objects.<BR><BR><BR>

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