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    I tried to make a poll with this tutorial: and i could not get it to work. i copied and pasted both documents at the end, created a database as the first page said, and uploaded it to a website that supports ASP. i get an error 500 whenever i try to run it. this is my first time using ASP. can anybody tell me what's wrong or how to fix it?

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    ...something as complex as this for a first ASP project????<BR><BR>You&#039;re trying to run 5KM races before you&#039;ve learned how to crawl.<BR><BR>As for the error...Who knows? You didn&#039;t show us the error *message*. And if you haven&#039;t changed your browser to get rid of so-called "Friendly HTTP Error Messages" then it&#039;s going to be hard to tell, in any case. [TOOLS menu, INTERNET OPTIONS, ADVANCED tab, find the box for that option and UNCHECK it, OK, then close all browser windows and start new browser].<BR><BR>I should point out that the article there is ancient history. The number there is the date it was put on the site: 10 July 1999. It&#039;s probably pretty archaic code, in any case.<BR><BR>If you are only using ASP so that you can get a poll running--and you don&#039;t really care about learning the fundamentals--then I&#039;d suggest you got to and find a poll system there that is ready to use, no programming needed.<BR><BR>

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