I&#039;m looking for a way to best handle the menuse for our new site we&#039;re building. <BR><BR>In the past, I&#039;d use nested lists, styled with CSS. Then, based on a page, I&#039;d show/hide different nested lists to show the current state of navigation. This works OK, but obviously has some drawbacks, namely it doesn&#039;t scale well (as the entire menu system is loaded on each page) and you can&#039;t do much outside of the menu itself (like making a function to bring in breadcrumbs, or attaching template variables to each link, etc.)<BR><BR>So, I&#039;m looking for some ideas as to how to approach this. A search for .net menu controls brings up all sorts of flashy DHTML systems, but I&#039;m not sure what any of those tools offer on the back-end (any recommendations?)<BR><BR>I&#039;ve been told that I should perhaps store the menu information as xml and use xslt to bring in the appropriate parts based on which page I am on. <BR><BR>My initial thought was to make this a .net function and store the link information in a database. But maybe that&#039;s overkill.<BR><BR>Anyways, I&#039;m rambling now. I guess I&#039;m just looking for some general feedback as to how to go about building a menu system for a web site. Whether that&#039;s an off-the shelf product or a DIY endeavor.