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Thread: Server.Variables("Logon_User") problems

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    I have a subsite on an IIS 5.0 web server. I removed anonymous access from it. I still have IUser with Modify rights.<BR>I want to authenticate users who access the site from a workstation that is logged on to the network using integrated Windows Authentication. Because some users will be accessing the site from the other side of the LAN&#039;s proxy server (ie. without having first authenticated to the network - many of these people don&#039;t have accounts on the network), I want to be able to catch that and send these people to a logon page where they can authenticate.<BR>However, if I remove Anonymous access to the subsite, the web server requests the user to log on to the server. I don&#039;t want that to happen. I want to authenticate the user using *my* code, not a page called by IIS.<BR>How do I do this?<BR>

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    Default Reworded, but...<BR><BR>Give someone a chance to respond, eh? :-)<BR><BR>Craig.

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