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Thread: Cannot launch out of process component.

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    Default Cannot launch out of process component.

    From an article on viewing access reports I found help on how to solve this error:<BR><BR>Server object error &#039;ASP 0196 : 80040154&#039; - Cannot launch out of process component.<BR>Only InProc server components should be used. If you want to use LocalServer components, you must set the AspAllowOutOfProcComponents metabase setting. Please consult the help file for important considerations. <BR><BR><BR>This error will occur whenever you try to access an .exe file using Server.CreateObject, since by default IIS can only use dll&#039;s (NOTE: In IIS 5.0 launching .exe&#039;s is allowed by default). To fix this you need to make a change to the IIS metabase by running a script as given in the KB article I have combined this script with one that will pull out your NT username and force authentication, and included it below (meta.asp). If you run the script from the server when logged on as the administrator or with an account with admin privileges you should have no problem, and you will only need to run it once. If this way doesn&#039;t appeal to you, you can also do it from the command prompt. <BR><BR>When I run this script from microsofts site:<BR><BR> &#039; Get the IIsWebVirtualDir Admin Object<BR> Set VDirObj = GetObject("IIS://LocalHost/W3svc/1/Root/vdir_name")<BR><BR> &#039; Enable the AspAllowOutOfProcComponents Parameter<BR> VDirObj.Put "AspAllowOutOfProcComponents", True<BR><BR> &#039; Save the changed value to the metabase<BR> VDirObj.SetInfo<BR><BR>I get the error message:<BR><BR>Microsoft VBScript runtime error &#039;800a01b0&#039; <BR><BR>File name or class name not found during Automation operation: &#039;GetObject&#039; <BR><BR>/TestAdminScript.asp, line 3 <BR><BR>I&#039;m assuming I need to change "IIS://LocalHost/W3svc/1/Root/vdir_name" but I don&#039;t know what I&#039;m supposed to change it too. Any help would be appreciated. I&#039;ve looked around a lot but I can&#039;t figure this out. Thanks

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    Default vdir_name needs to be...

    ...the name of *YOUR* virtual directory.<BR><BR>vdir_name is just an example.<BR><BR>But whether/how this works depends upon what version of IIS you have, I believe, and whether the system admin of the computer allows it, in any case.<BR><BR>

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