Hello,<BR>Ok, let me preface this by saying that Im primarily a VB developer who was thrown into ASP SiteServer (Commerce Ed) development without a net.<BR><BR>I developed an e-commerce site using SiteServer Commerce edition. Everything works fine and dandy, just as it should. One problem. When I moved it to the development machine, I have encountered a strange error.<BR><BR>The method I used to move it was - <BR><BR>1) I created a new site (same name) on the Target machine (using the same steps I used when creating the site on my development machine, using the wizard).<BR><BR>2) I Imported the database from my Development machine, to the Target database server (SQL server) so all tables, structure and information remained the same.<BR><BR>3) I recreated all the ODBC DSN&#039s on the target machine<BR><BR>4) I copied all the ASP files from my development site, onto the target site (all the files in the root and manager dirs). These files contained my code changes from the wizard generated files.<BR><BR><BR>Now...I ran the site. After a few minor required changes (now WHY did I hard code a server name in the first place? was I drunk?...didnt remember doing that) everything worked peachy.<BR><BR>The problem occurs when the Purchase button in the shopping cart got clicked. Instead of taking me to the shipping page (as it is supposed to), it returned this nifty Error.<BR><BR>Commerce.MtsTxPipeline error &#039 80004005&#039 <BR><BR>[Fusionworks Digital Corporation]Component Execution failed for component[0x5] hr: 0x80004005 ProgID: Commerce.SQLItemADO.1 [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Failed to enlist on calling object&#039s transaction <BR><BR>/buster/i_util.asp, line 102 <BR><BR><BR>I traced the line in i_util.asp, and it is just a call to the Execute method in the pipeline. As far as I can see, the error is within the pipeline itself. I decided to copy the pipeline files from my config dir on my development machine onto my target machine, just in case...same error.<BR><BR>Im at a loss here...can anyone shed some light on this? IM not looking for an easy out...just an explaination so I can fix it.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Richard Ashkettle<BR><BR><BR>