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    I&#039;m totally new to the message board and I may be in the totally wrong place. I&#039;m doing a final year project at college, which involves a website I&#039;m constructing through ASP. Here,you register your username and password for your email account, say hotmail. You also provide the server name and your cell phone number. My aim is to provide a service whereby notification will be sent to the users cell phone via SMS text message when new emails are received.<BR>I intend writing the program in Java but I&#039;m wondering if there will be any problems communicating between Java and ASP or is there a way of doing this through ASP alone?<BR>Any help appreciated! Thanks

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    You won&#039;t be able to do it ENTIRELY in ASP - ASP has no networking functionality, so it couldn&#039;t talk to a POP3 mailbox (or whatever the hell Hotmail uses).<BR><BR>However, there are components out there. Don&#039;t think they&#039;re free. Try Not sure if you&#039;d be allowed to use them for your college work though!<BR><BR>Klooj (Jason) is probably the best person to talk to about this. I know he uses Java day-in and day-out. He&#039;d be much better placed to tell you. However, have you investigated using JSP (Java Server Pages)? It&#039;s probably much easier to co-exist JSP and Java.<BR><BR>Craig.

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