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    I&#039;m at crossroad now in choosing between VBScript and Java Script. I&#039;m testing on a PWS (W97/98).<BR><BR> Lately when I searched for the Java Script debugger, Netscape<BR>recommended I upgrade to Version 7 as I am using Netscape 4.x<BR><BR> There are a lot of browsers out there, I&#039;m not going to try to please them all, so I&#039;m only satisfied if I get my script working on Netscape and IE clients.<BR><BR> Since the only reason I would go to Java Script is to make my script compatible with Netscape, is Netscape 7 finally fully compatible with VBScript now? Are there any issues you feel should need mention?<BR><BR> Thanks. <BR><BR><BR>

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    Netscape 4.x was really buggy and I would not recommend trying to get things to work on that browser -- old hat

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