I'm thinking of learning ASP...need to ask a q

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Thread: I'm thinking of learning ASP...need to ask a q

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    Default I'm thinking of learning ASP...need to ask a q

    Does one need to learn databases and/or VB script before getting into ASP? I don&#039t know either. I had done C programmimg way back in 1991. After that I didn&#039t do more programming. Now I&#039m into web designing, and work only with HTML and graphics, and would like to include ASP in my skills...So my question is, is it okay to start with ASP or do databases/VBS first?<BR><BR>What books do you recommend?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Sherry

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    hi,<BR><BR>you defn. dont need to know vbscript - its really easy to pick up... Knowing abit of databases is handy, since designing the db is quite important...<BR><BR>You dont really need anybooks - goto www.webmonkey.com<BR>they have really nice tuts on ASP and databases..<BR><BR>have fun, asp rocks!

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    Knowing database theory would be useful in the long run, but don&#039t think that you have to learn that BEFORE diving into ASP. You can learn as you go.<BR>Web Monkey is a good site, also www.learnASP.com is a relatively good site. My suggestion is to find an online tutorial that will walk you through things, though.<BR>Personally, I like to learn from books because I am not always near a computer when I have time to read. I have had a lot of success with a book called "Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0" by Francis, Kauffman, Sussman, and Ullman... and it doesn&#039t start with databases at all. It is published by WROX *plug*<BR>http://www.wrox.com/Consumer/Store/Details.asp?ISBN=1861003382<BR><BR>I am sure that other people on here will give other book suggestions... *laugh* Good luck.. and you know where you can find help!

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    Firstly I think that ASP is probably the easiest web scripting system I have come across, and is probably a good starting point even if you eventually wanted to do Perl/CGI.<BR><BR>You don&#039t need to know db to use asp, since it is simply a scripting system. db is usually done via ADO, which is add-on to the scripting system. However db integration is one of the most common and useful applications of any web scripting system. I suggest that MS Access is the easiest way to get into databse. Also the programming language in Access (VBA) is another variant of VB. If you learn how to use that language (much easier than C), you will be able to migrate easily to VBScript.<BR><BR>VbScript is the easiest of the languages that you can use with ASP. Others include JavaScript, PerlScript, PHP. If you are still conversant with C, Javascript might be come easier to you. It uses {}&#039s and some other things like C. VBScript on the otherhand is case-insensitive and when you are learning, this can be a bonus, as you wont get all "missing object" erros. Also VBS is better integrated into Visual Interdev, which I would recommend for you to get started. If you can beg, borrow, or buy a copy of Interdev, it will give you much help with the syntax and objects.<BR><BR>Good luck

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