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    Quick question on accessing various properties of files using ASP...<BR>In looking at the various collections and properties of those <BR>collections with the "Scritpting.FileSystemObject", I don&#039;t see <BR>any way to capture who last modified a file...I can see when it <BR>was last modified, but not who did it.<BR>Is there another mechanism I can use to find out who last <BR>modified a file using ASP script? FrontPage manages to do this <BR>using webbots in a SharePoint website...I don&#039;t know if it&#039;s <BR>accessing data stored in an XML file or if it is simply using a <BR>mechanism that I haven&#039;t found yet, but it would be great if I <BR>could generate a dynamic TOC of the files in a given folder that <BR>would list who modified the files.

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    Who Modified? -- I&#039;ve NEVER seen that info on any operating system that I can recollect or do you mean a note within the file itself?

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