I&#039;m using the following:<BR><BR> Sub DoLogOut(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal E As EventArgs)<BR> Session("Account") = ""<BR> Session("EmpID") = ""<BR> Session("RID") = ""<BR> Response.Redirect("../default.aspx")<BR> Response.End()<BR> End Sub<BR><BR>Theoretically...it should be clearing the session contents, and redirecting the user to the default page...but it&#039;s not. Actually...it&#039;s staying on the page, and giving me errors in a page load because the session is not there to use in the SQL statement. The logoff sub is located on a WUC within the page. Other than moving the sub to the page itself, is there another way to do this? It seems to be working on my other pages...aside from one, and I don&#039;t see any differences.