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    I&#039;m including a invisible pixel image on each page of my site that is referenced to an asp file which gets the referring url and logs the time/date, ip address and referring url into a db...<BR><BR>Next to track conversions I&#039;m including another invisible pixel on the "thank you" page (now they have purchased) that points to an asp file that looks up the user ip and if it exists then that record is marked as converged.<BR><BR>The issue I&#039;m having is every once in a while users will have an IP address that has already been marked as converged in the DB...<BR><BR>In what ways can I uniquly identify users.

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    Default I thought you said THREAD CLOSED???

    This is the same question as yesterday, same thread.<BR><BR>I might point out that some spam blockers will prevent your invisible pixel image from loading, so you will get nothing from users of such blockers. (The one I have will do this, I blocks all images that don&#039;t come from the same server as the main web page.)<BR><BR>And as I said yesterday, there is *NO* guaranteed way that we know of to do this. (I say "we" because this issue has been discussed to death in the past, as you could find by doing a SEARCH in the forums.)<BR><BR>The best bet is probably cookies, but again if you are a "third party" site, the normal usage of MSIE 6 will block your cookies. (My normal setting is "first party cookies only", though you might get through on "always allow session cookies".)<BR><BR>

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