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    I have reviewed the FAQ&#039;s on the file upload options, but my problem is this.<BR><BR>The server I have is at a provider and is a shared server between numerous web sites. The provider will not allow custom controls or any object to be registered on the server.<BR><BR>I have been using the single file upload for some time now and it works just fine, however I need the user to be able to upload a directory of files, not jsut one at a time. This is for a digital photography site and the user may be trying to upload 100-200 image files so having them select each images one at a time is out of the question.<BR><BR>The input type = file button only allows the user to select a sigle file at a time. Does anyone know a work around for this?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance<BR><BR>Kerry

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    Default You should be able to..

    .. use the XUpload ActiveX control by Persit&#039;s software.

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