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    I am trying to set a condition on the DateLastModified but for some reason it work. Would someone look at it and give me some advice. Thank you<BR><BR>dFileMod = date &#039; Initialize date<BR><BR>For Each objFile In objFolder.Files<BR> If UCase(Right(objFile.Name, 3)) = "TXT" Then<BR> fileDate = Left(objFile.DateLastModified, 9)<BR> MsgBox " Set Date " & dFileMod & " FileDate :" & fileDate<BR> If fileDate = dFileMod Then<BR> &#039;If date = dFileMod Then<BR> Path1 = ("C:
    pt\" &<BR> Path2 = ("C:\" &<BR> objFSO.CopyFile Path1, Path2<BR> Else<BR> Call NoDivo()<BR> End If<BR> End If<BR> Next

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    Do we get any more information?<BR><BR>Do you get an error?<BR><BR>Wait a minute, there&#039;s a "MsgBox" in there - this ASP?!<BR><BR>Craig.

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