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    I&#039;m trying to figure a way to send mobile alerts when my live server shuts downs. Tell me if this is possible, anybody?<BR>Or can i atleast trigger alerts when the IIS/FTP/DB Services are down?Pls provide enough details to help me initiate the task.

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    You mean SMS texts?<BR><BR>You&#039;ll need an SMS gateway (Google - there are loads). They provide you with a method of sending texts. You normally buy texts in bundles of 1000.<BR><BR>To monitor the services, you&#039;ll either need something running on the live server, or some way of requesting information from the live server on a periodic basis. This could be a VB program that attempts to request a web page, or attempts an FTP login, or attempts a remote SQL Server login.<BR><BR>What else, exactly do you want? Nothing about this is particuarly advanced. Everything you need can be found by simple Google searches.<BR><BR>Craig.

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