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    I am redesigning a web site that has a pseudo "shopping cart" .... pulls products from a simple access database and the orders are sent via contact form mailer. nothing too complicated. there are 5 products that the client wants to show up like a regular product, and have show up on shopping cart item list, but.... client does not want the five items to be sent in order email, no matter what. my client does not want the person that gets the order email to see these 5 items as part of an order... even if they are ordered by anyone. (in the product description there we will have an obvious note that customers must call the order in for these five items.) in the database, the products have a PartNumber field in the Product Table of the database. I am guessing on the orderform handler page, I code some VBscript to not let these PartNumbers go through.... SST01, SST02, etc.???<BR><BR>FYI, this is an ASP site. <BR><BR>the order of adding items to shopping cart. <BR><BR>1. on item.asp --- user browses products and clicks on "add to my shopping cart"<BR><BR>2. user then views items in cart on add_list.asp<BR><BR>3. user clicks on "check out my shopping cart"<BR><BR>4. person fills name, address, etc. on orderform.asp<BR><BR>5. form handler is res_orderform.asp<BR><BR>6. goes to thank you page<BR><BR><BR>let me know what you think. any ideas? need more info?<BR><BR>thanks!

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    Default The way I would do it...

    is assign hidden fields(querystring,whatever) and assign the name say "YesMail" for all those should be sent as an email and "NoMail" to those which aren&#039;t. Loop through all those which say "YesMail" and fire the email through.

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