Okay I have done a fair amount of asp.net projects. I have always workd on my local computer - I go in create a web project and bamo I&#039;m off the races. I just bought a new Windows 2003 development server. I want to create the project on the server and then attach to it and develop from various clients on my network. My server has .net 1.1 installed. <BR><BR>The site is setup on the server (a new website in IIS) and I add files and IIS is letting me browse pages properly. Also I created a local dns entry so my address can be www.blah.com. When I try to create a web project is use the full url of the project (eg www.blah.com) I then get prompted to for a share - I type the share in and all the project does create - saying that some security settings may not be correct. I can add files and browse via browser. But when I try to debug I get that the user has to be a member of the debuggers group. So I added an impersonate = true to my web.config - still no luck. Do I need to install FrontPage Server extensions to get this work properly (hope not)? If I&#039;m off base here can someone point me in the proper configuration for developing from the server? Thanks!