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Thread: ASP w/ Perl can't open file

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    qt Guest

    Default ASP w/ Perl can't open file

    i am trying to open a file:<BR><BR>open(info, "\\servername\t.txt") &#124&#124 die ($_);<BR><BR>and got Permission Denied. has anyone come across this error before? pls help. thx.

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    Dan Frangiamore Guest

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    I don&#039t know enough details about your situation, but I had a similar problem when trying to open a file that records the hit count on my site. <BR><BR>I called my hosting provider and they said that they had to turn on write permission.<BR><BR>See, if you go in through FTP to write a file, thats fine, cause you&#039re logged in as you(admin). When someone runs a script from cyberspace, they are technically anonymous. So, special permission has to be set for these types of users to open and write data via your script(s). <BR><BR>give &#039em a call.

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    qt Guest

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    thx dan,<BR>i have a web server.<BR>i can access other files (asp, txt whatever) from the same dir using the web. so it&#039s not the permission on the virtual directory. i also gave anonymous account NTFS read/change permission to that directory. still got permission denied. the funny thing is, i did<BR>open(info, "\\servername\d$\test.txt");<BR>test.txt doesn&#039t even exist and i still get permission denied... any clues???

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