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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m having a problem getting ASP to work properly with my MS Access database and IIS 4.0. Everything is running on WinNT and here&#039s my problem. I need to be able to add, delete and update records in the database so I need a certain set of permissions for the directory that contains my database. At the same time, I don&#039t want to give too much access to outside users who might be able to download the database by typing in the correct path. Can anyone help? Right now, I&#039m getting the error "Object must use an updateable query". This is, however, just because of the permissions. I just need to know what I should set everything to in order to get this working.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Dave

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    Here is what I have used to deal with this situation...<BR><BR>I place my MDB file in a directory that is not web accessible (outside of the wwwroot structure), that way a user can not download the database from the web.<BR><BR>I also use include files (with asp extensions so users can not view the source) to connect to the database.<BR><BR>Hope this helps... Cheers!

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