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    Has anyone built a Win32 ticker to display the latest MsgBoard posts (that could be shown above the taskbar or something)?<BR><BR>If not I might have a stab at it - would anyone else find it useful and want a copy?<BR><BR>;D<BR><BR>J.

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    Not that I know of. I know a few people (Doug, Atrax, I think) have done some applications that they use to keep track of the latest posts (using the XML feed).<BR><BR>Dunno - I could be interested. To be honest, I just keep the page open most the time. But at home where I have the security on my browser set really high, I don&#039;t tend to open these pages because of the number of damned Flash adverts. In those circumstances, I may well be interested...<BR><BR>Craig.

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    There are a bunch of rss/blog tools.<BR><BR>I installed SharpReader a few minutes ago, seems ok.<BR><BR>I tried RSS Bandit a few months ago, but didn&#039;t like it.

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