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    Larry Irons Guest

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    I&#039ve been having a problem with PWS. When I go to PWS and check to see if it is running it indicates that it is started. But, it never shows up as an icon even though I have it checked to do so. Also, it puts funky characters in the home page box as follows: c:WEBSHAREWWWROOT\êc I can&#039t seem to get rid of the last few characters. On top of all this, PWS does not show up in the list of programs under Add/Remove Programs. So, I tried installing it fresh from my Win98 disk. Still have the problem and MTS failed to install to the registry. Can anyone give me a clue about how to uninstall PWS so that I can get a clean install?

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    David Shugars Guest

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    You need to run the PWS setup again. There should be an option to uninstall everything. Try that. Then try re-installing PWS. If you go to Windows Setup under Add&#124Remove Programs from the control panel and try to just uncheck the box, PWS will not be uninstalled. Re-running the setup is the only way I ever found to get rid of it.

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    Larry Irons Guest

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    I was able to uninstall PWS following your suggestion. However, when I intall it from the win98 CD I am getting errors out of MTS when setup attempts to update the Registry. Have you seen that before?<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Larry

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