I&#039;m new to ASP.NET and looking for a "best practices" solution to a problem I&#039;ve encountered.<BR><BR>I have a page which includes a user control. The selections in the user control determine the formatting of the parent page. With my first attempt, both the user control and the parent did most of their initialization within the Load event. This seemed to be standard operating procedure.<BR><BR>However, the problem I encountered was that the parent&#039;s Load event occurred prior to the user control&#039;s Load event, The problem was that the parent depended on settings from the user control in order to format the parent page. So, user control properties which I needed to format the parent page were not yet set during the Load event of the parent.<BR><BR>I tried moving most of the user control&#039;s initialization processing to the Init event so that it would occur prior to the Load event processing in the parent, but on PostBacks, the ViewState had not yet been restored at the point the Init event had been fired.<BR><BR>My latest attempt at synchronizing the user control and its parent is to have the user control&#039;s initialization processing to occur within the Load event and the parent&#039;s initialization processing to occur within the PreRender event. This seems to work fine, but I&#039;m not sure it&#039;s a good solution to the problem.<BR><BR>Synchronizing events between a parent and a user control seems to be such a common pattern, but I haven&#039;t been able to find much on the subject. I&#039;m looking to find what is considered to be "best practices" solution to this situation.<BR><BR>Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks!