Why are NT servers so UNRELIABLE???

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Thread: Why are NT servers so UNRELIABLE???

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    Jack Coletti Guest

    Default Why are NT servers so UNRELIABLE???

    Hi Folks,<BR>I have searched high and low for a reliable NT service provider<BR>but am always disappointed. I have tried softcomca.com, halfpricehosting.com and several others. I am currently with hostpro.net - I figured maybe if I pay a little more, it will work better. No dice. The ASP is constantly down and I have never gotten a reasonable explanation.<BR><BR>Can anyone recommend a reliable NT service provider, or is there no such thing? Do I have to run my own server before I can get a reliable system?<BR>Thanks very much,<BR>frustrated,<BR>Jack Coletti<BR>mailto:signwave@atlantic.net

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    Corin Guest

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    I use interland.net. No place is perfect because when using a shared hosting service you are subject to others code as well.<BR><BR>I have 10-15 site at Interland.com and rarely run into problems. In 6 months I have only had two real problems with all 15 sites. I requested they move the domain to a new box and have had no more problems. Plus the admin services through a browser are the best I have seen anywhere. Reasonably cheap as well if you get on the resellers program.<BR><BR>I really ought to get a commision for this

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