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    I have several xml files I would like to display in a datalist. What I want to do is have "one" generic/template (verse a different, duplicate page for each file) aspx page that will display a selected file. The selected file name is passed as a parameter from another page.<BR><BR>I am able to recieve the file name in the generic page via the request.querystring("id"). <BR><BR>The problem I am having is I can&#039;t seem to get the request.querystring("id") in the MapPath() as shown here: mydatafile.ReadXml(MapPath("./xml/Emergency_vets_xml.xml")) when I subsitute it for "Emergency_vet_xml.xml" in this example.<BR><BR>How does one get a varible inside the MapPath() directive or method?

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    &#062; mydatafile.ReadXml(MapPath("./xml/Emergency_vets_xml.xml")) <BR><BR>you&#039;re not even trying to use a querystring there. here :<BR><BR>mydatafile.ReadXml(MapPath("./xml/" + Request.QueryString("fileName")))<BR><BR>though it depends what language you&#039;re using. you haven&#039;t offered a hint on that.

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