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    I have working function that works fine but I would like to have it open in a new there a way I could do that?<BR><BR>function goToURL(){ <BR> return window.location = (document.myForm.linkURL.value); <BR>}<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Chris

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    Default This is really pretty basic...

    ...and I&#039;ll give you the answer, but you need to start reading up on how and what JS can do.<BR><BR>One place to start (other than by reading the docs) might be to look in the JS FAQs at<BR><BR>Anyway:<BR><BR> document.myForm.linkURL.value, &#039;WINDOW_NAME&#039; )<BR>or optionally<BR> document.myForm.linkURL.value, &#039;WINDOW_NAME&#039;, &#039;width=600,height=300&#039; )<BR><BR>Many other characteristics you can choose to add or drop from a newly opened window. Check the docs for possibilities.<BR><BR>

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