Linking/copying a live database to a test database

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Thread: Linking/copying a live database to a test database

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    Default Linking/copying a live database to a test database

    This may be really obvious, but i don&#039;t know the best way to go about it. I have an Access 2000 db that is accessed by ASP pages. I am needing to create a duplicate system where the live database can be copied and manipulated without affecting the actual live database i.e. take a copy as it is to test it while the other users of the system continue to use the live copy.<BR><BR>I thought at first that i could just link the tables of the live database to a test database. The problem with that is that any changes made to the linked tables in the test database will be effective in the live database also.<BR><BR>Manually copying the live database from a folder into another is not an option, neither is using an upload function on an ASP page, as the database is 55Meg. So, assuming i&#039;ve explained the problem OK, does anyone have any idea how i could do this?<BR><BR>Many thanks.

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    Default Well, if you can't copy the file, nor downloa it, then you&#039;re stuck. You&#039;d have to copy something at some point, if you want to work on a copy of the data. Whether you copy the whole file or the records/tables one by one doesn&#039;t really make much difference - but you have to copy.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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