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Thread: ASP maded with C++ ??

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    Default ASP maded with C++ ??

    A friend of mine told me that is was possible to code an ASP page with C++ language. But i thought and im sure it is on VBScript or VB for some people. Is it possible to do it in C++??<BR><BR>because in .NET it is possible for ASPX files.. <BR><BR>and the same guy told me that PHP pages was not a C kind of language ??<BR><BR>thanx

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    You can code ASP pages using a variety of scripting languages - VBScript, JScript, PerlScript, etc. There&#039;s probably a definitive list somewhere, which may rely on extra things being added.<BR><BR>Craig.<BR><BR>

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    Default You *could* code ASP.NET...

    ...using "managed C++". <BR><BR>But for ASP pages, the only thing you could do would be to build an ActiveX component with C++ and then invoke that component from one of the scripting languages.<BR><BR>PHP has many similarities to C, but it&#039;s not truly derived from or compatible with C. PHP really is another kind of scripting language and as a consequence has several "extensions" to a normal compiled C language just for scripting. Going the other direction, there are many things in C that PHP doesn&#039;t have. So "not a C kind of language"?? Ehhhh...*I* think it is very much like C, but a C bigot might not think so.<BR><BR>

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