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    It&#039;s a bit of a twist on splitting up record sets into groups of 10 but I was wondering if there are any tutorials for splitting record sets up by months?<BR><BR>I want a calendar page which lists today&#039;s event (which I can cope with quite easily, just do a date equals if statement or look for 2 dates that subtract with a result of 0) and then the rest of the months events, and you can page back to the previous month or page forward to the next month.<BR><BR>Is there a tutorial online to help me with this or has anyone got any tips they can pass onto me? I don&#039;t really want to have to create each page separately using queries on each page just do it all in one go (like the paging through a record set example)?<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR><BR>Mark

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    you will need to make a query and specify the month you want in the where clause so it will only grab that month you want to see.<BR><BR>Then you can pass any month name in the querystring and grab it to use in the where clause.<BR><BR>Once you have that basic routine to view month by month you should be pretty much set. Just work it into the callendar.<BR>

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