I&#039m running PWS on NT 4.0 workstation, and am attempting to test implementation of SSL on my prject.<BR><BR>I have received a test certificate from the Microsoft web page, installed it with the key manager, and set &#039Require Secure Channel when accessing this resource&#039.<BR><BR>If I then surf up http://localhost/TestApp/default.htm, I get a "403.4 Forbidden: SSL required" error as expected.<BR><BR>If I surf up https://localhost/TestApp/default.htm, IE notifies me of an unsecure certificate and asks me for permission to accept it anyway. After I accept it, IE then says the page cannot be displayed. The error at the end state &#039Cannot find server or DNS Error&#039.<BR><BR>Any idea what may be causing this problem?<BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>