I am experiencing a problem with our ASP service.<BR>OS: windows 2000 server, service pack 4.<BR>IIS 5.0 working with Oracle 9i.<BR>Our ASP service collapses and restarts once in a while (short while... practically every day).<BR>The symptoms are that first we see some of the ASP having the error: &#1240&#124ASP_0100_:_8007000e&#124Out_of_memor y 500 0 0<BR>while others work fine. During that time the virtual memory usage goes up and up and the processiort works at 100%, <BR>After about 15 seconds the memory usage goes over the top and the ASP service restarts.<BR>When restarting the ASP&#039;s return: Out-of-process+ISAPI+extension+request+failed. 500 1726 4203 (which is probalbly because the service is down).<BR>After the restart everythign is fine again -but they become more and more freaquent, and having between 50-300 concurrent users that get kicked out this becomes a real problem.