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    I am getting a syntax error whenever i execute my sql statement which is an insert into and i have no clue whats wrong with it.<BR><BR><BR>error message i am getting is syntax error so i am pretty sure its the sql.<BR><BR>it is as follows:<BR><BR>objconn.execute ("INSERT INTO logon (terminalnum, email) VALUES (&#039" & termnum & "&#039,&#039" & termemail & "&#039)"), objConn<BR><BR>thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Matt

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    objconn.execute ( "INSERT INTO logon (terminalnum, email) VALUES (&#039" &termnum & "&#039, &#039" &termemail & "&#039 )" )<BR><BR>leave ,objConn out.<BR>Note: objconn != objConn

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