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    I have a site that defaults to index.html. This index.html has 2 links pointing to folder1/index.html and folder2/index.html. I have since updated this page so links now point to folder1/index.asp and folder2/index.asp. However, because the initial index.html page is being cached, users are still being redirected to folder1/index.html instead of folder1/index.asp. While I can ask individual users to clear the cache, when I roll it out, is there anyway to clear the cache so don't have t o ask users to do it?

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    Default No, there isn't...

    ...because that&#039;s the point of the cache - that the client doesn&#039;t have to check whether the page has been updated or not.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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    Default Possible solution

    &nbsp;<BR>Change your main file Index.html to something else, change to *.htm / *.asp or to default.* <BR>Reason: most browsers just request HEAD to check if there have been made changes to the file or not.<BR>So if the file doesn’t exist any more, this might force a cache refresh...<BR>

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