How to find out who clicked our mail( urgent)

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Thread: How to find out who clicked our mail( urgent)

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    Default How to find out who clicked our mail( urgent)

    I am working on bulk mail sending system in and we are sending mails to different user and after sending is it possible us to track who<BR>opens the email, when they open it, how many times they open it,<BR>click-throughs<BR>to our site and how many times the email is forwarded.<BR>I feel happy if any body post the code for this problem.

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    Default It all hinges on the problem...

    ...of tracking who opened the e-mail, which is possible (see other thread in this forum: but not 100% fool-proof. If this was possible, you could theoretically check if an e-mail has been forwarded, because the beacon (the tiny image or whatever you include in the e-mail for tracking) would be requested from a different IP address. This isn&#039;t fool-proof either, because dial-up customers could have any IP address from a given range, so every time they open the e-mail, it would register as a different person.<BR><BR>In a word, checking who opened an e-mail, how often and how often they forwarded it to somebody is not going to work perfectly, especially because system security is always increasing to stop spammers - again, see the other thread.<BR><BR>Click-throughs are easier though, since you could just add a unique ID to the link to your site and track people that way.<BR><BR>Oliver.

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