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    K Fowler Guest

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    Yesterday, I was seeking some help on how to perform a Replace on a string without using the VBScript Replace Function. Unfortunately, no one answered my question. I must admit, I was in a hurry and looking for a quick answer (didn&#039t want to stay after hours). I was under the gun, this fix had to be made. So, I sucked it up, and found the answer (Not without some help from a coworker, of course). Nonetheless, the fix was made, the day was saved!<BR><BR>Now, I would like to share it with all of you. It&#039s argument list doesn&#039t allow for optional parameters, but, it gets the job done.<BR><BR>Function ReplaceChar(strValue, strFindThis, strReplaceWith)<BR> Dim intCurPos<BR> Dim intLastPos<BR> Dim strResult<BR><BR> On Error Resume Next<BR><BR> intLastPos = 1<BR> strResult = ""<BR><BR> intCurPos = InStr(intLastPos, strValue, strFindThis)<BR> Do Until (intCurPos = 0)<BR> strResult = strResult & Mid(strValue, intLastPos, intCurPos - intLastPos) & strReplaceWith<BR> intLastPos = intCurPos + Len(strFindThis)<BR> intCurPos = InStr(intLastPos, strValue, strFindThis)<BR> Loop<BR> strResult = strResult & Mid(strValue, intLastPos, Len(strValue) + 1 - intLastPos)<BR><BR> ReplaceChar = strResult<BR><BR>End Function

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    why was this needed?? just curious

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    Unfortunately, the powers that be, would not allow me to update the production server with an Updated version of VBScript. The version that resides on the server doesn&#039t support the Replace function. Of course, now that I have brought it to their attention, that we are seriously lacking features that we could benefit from, we will be updating it within a few days.

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