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    I know of lots of components that can do this, but I was wondering where I should look to learn how to create a small scripting solution that can resize an image and maintain aspect ratio. Thats it, I dont care about drawing elipses or putting text behind and image, I just want to resize and maintain aspect ratio...<BR><BR>Should I look into Request.BinaryRead?<BR><BR>For starters does anyone know how to change the size of an uploading image?

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    it&#039;s not really possible in pure script. well, it possibly might be but it&#039;d be a very long-winded and slow solution. VBScript isn&#039;t really up to it and neither is JScript, really. they&#039;re not great at manipulating binary data.<BR><BR>look into ImageMagick. it&#039;s free and full-featured

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