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    hi guys, I have a layer that seems to be partially hidden under the text input fields within my form.<BR><BR>Is there a command that forces it to sit on top of the outputted html? It displays the layer ok, but it for some reason is sitting behind my form objects.<BR><BR>Seems odd....

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    This is for security reasons. Layers do not appear above certain objects. ActiveX components and select boxes, for example.<BR><BR>If this is the case, there&#039;s nothing you can do about it.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default jesus!

    I cant use popups...I cant use hidden layers..<BR><BR>well what the bloody hell is javascript good for????????<BR><BR>signed,<BR>annoyed

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    Default It's very useful.

    The problems you seem to be having are less to do with JavaScript itself and more to do with browser restrictions.<BR><BR>Welcome to the wonderful world of web development!<BR><BR>:-)<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default stupid dumb...

    ..bloody useless static html output!

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