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    I have a .net page that executes a query that returns 1000+ records and brings back the data in a datalist. Now the performance of this page is very slow obviously because there are so many records for it to process and format. <BR><BR>But, what if i page the results so that say only a 100 records are shown at a time and the rest you need to use a control to page. Will this improve performance or will it not make a difference because the results need to be stored in memory for also paging to work?? I guess i am more confused as to how exactly paging works behind the scenes. <BR><BR>This guys article says "The secret to implementing paging in the DataList control lies not in the control itself, but in the DataAdapter&#039;s Fill method which can be overloaded in several different ways."<BR><BR>-<BR><BR>if i follow this article, will my performance problems be solved while still allowing paging of these records?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    why not try it?

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