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    Default Automatic execution of program

    I need a piece of code to run automatically everyday,once, as soon as the date changes , without any user intervention.<BR>The code will send an automatic mail to the each recipient reminding him of some event

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    write a WSH (windows scripting host) script using CDONTS. have that script (filename.vbs) scheduled to run whenever. very simple (its&#039 just vbscript minus the ASP tags with a .vbs extension).<BR><BR>SET MyMail = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>MyMail.From = "TEST"<BR>MyMail.To = ""<BR>MyMail.Subject = "Subject"<BR>MyMail.Body = "Message"<BR>MyMail.Send<BR>SET MyMail = Nothing<BR><BR>

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    Default How do we write that code in WSH?

    Hello. Just wanted to know how to write that code in wsh?

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