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    Hi guys,<BR><BR>Is there a way to have set up your page so some of parts of your page loads first before the part that requires a longer period of time to load. I tried using the flush method, but it doesn&#039;t seem to work. For example, if a customer goes to a product page, all the detail info of product loads first, but while the customer is reviewing the item, the inventory piece is loading in the background and then it gets flush to the bottom of the page. Any help would greatly be appreciated.<BR><BR>Ela

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    Default iframes?

    Put a call to a script (.ashx file?) in the iframe, the response from which should be some javascript that can set the values in the parent window.

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    Flush works -- But only outside of tables. e.g.<BR><BR>&#060;table&#062;<BR>...<BR>&#060;/table&#062;<BR>&#060;%response.flush%&#062;<BR>&#0 60;table&#062;<BR><BR>...<BR>

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