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    man, leave the kid alone, you big bullies<BR><BR>

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    Yeah, I saw that on /. ( yesterday and had a chuckle.<BR><BR>Mind you, his ISP will probably be spitting blood by now. When I was trying to hit his site yesterday, it was getting HUGE traffic off of slashdot - in fact, it was almost unusable towards the end. Imagine the bandwidth he was sucking up!<BR><BR>It was his own fault though, unfortunately. When they offerered him $10 and he replied saying "nahh, $10,000", he fell into some legal loophole. According to the article I read, MS can then say that he was in it for the money all along...<BR><BR>So, mental note guys - if someone offers you a pitance for a domain, don&#039;t reply asking for more. Just turn &#039;em down. If they&#039;re that bothered, they&#039;ll offer you a decent amount.<BR><BR>Craig.

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