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Thread: Motion (ESPN, MOVIES.COM, and ABC.COM)

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    Does anyone know how to utilize the Motion technology used on ESPN, MOVIES.COM, and ABC.COM to stream video and audio? If not, is there an equivalent technology.<BR><BR>I&#039;d love to be able to share high quality video and audio through my website. The best I can do is Real Player, which is poor quality and requires the user to install Real Player, which is a nuisance program.

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    Since no one answered...<BR><BR>Format your moives as either mov or wmv then use the following code.<BR><BR>*** MOV<BR>&#060;EMBED style="background:black" src="mov/&#060;%= file_name %&#062;.mov" width="176" height="144" qtsrc=";%= file_name %&#062;.mov" pluginspage=""&#062;&#060;/EMBED&#062;<BR><BR><BR>For windows do a search for media player.<BR><BR><BR>jc

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