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    Quick Questions...<BR><BR>What is the maximum number of records that a relatively small Access database can handle? (1 table, approx. 15 fields, mostly<BR>memo type).<BR>The overall db has about 14 tables and 8 queries.<BR><BR>What would happen if I try to insert MAX_RECORDS + 1 into the<BR>db through ASP?<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Default In HELP for Access...

    ...look for "Access specifications".<BR><BR>It would appear that there is no limit on number of records.<BR><BR>There is a limit of 2 gigabytes per table, so with 15 small fields--say about 256 bytes per record??? [just a guess], that&#039;s 4 records per KB or 4000 per MB or 40000 per GB. So roughly 80000 records?<BR><BR>But there&#039;s also a limit of 2GB per *DB*, so you have to subtract size of other tables to get limit for a given table.<BR><BR>

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