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    Ok, here&#039;s the situation:<BR><BR>I have an ASP page that uses a virtual include to a file on a shared drive on another machine. <BR><BR>The share is set up as a virtual folder on the website in IIS. <BR><BR>Security on the share is set up so everyone has full access at the moment.<BR><BR>When I access the page from the webserver itself the page loads fine, but when i attempt to access the webpage from the browser on my workstation, the browser prompts for windows authentication/login permisions because of the include file. <BR><BR>Now here&#039;s the kicker, on the server itself, everything works fine, I can connect, surf, etc. Once I establish the session, then when i go back to the browser at the workstation it will work fine (Maybe this has something to do with estabilshing a session between the two computers or it caches the info?)<BR><BR>So, when I bring the page up with the connection to the share, everything works from the browser on the web server. If i don&#039;t open the browser on the webserver, then the page won&#039;t load from the workstation browser without prompting for windows authentication. Anybody have any insight on this?

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    on the server itself you&#039;d be logged in and therefore have implicit permissions.<BR><BR>all accounts which use the web server will; also need permissions on the remote &#039;include&#039; server.<BR><BR>however is there a reason you&#039;re doing it this way? a valid one? generally web servers should be isolated.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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