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    Default FTP from an ASP page

    Is it possible to FTP files to a third party server purely with an ASP script? I need to generate text files on the fly and copy them to a third party server.<BR><BR>I have obtained a highly recommended freeware component called AspInet however I am using a standard hosting account and obviously I don&#039;t have access to the server&#039;s system32 folder and registry to install the component. <BR><BR>My server host has the following list of components installed on their servers (except for odbc, iis and cdonts i dont know what all of them do):-<BR><BR>ASP v3 (included in IIS 5),<BR>ASP Upload 2,<BR>Blat.exe v1.8.5,<BR>CDO-NTS v1.2 & -SYS 6.0,<BR>Frontpage Server Extentions v1.2,<BR>iHTML v2.17,<BR>IIS v5,<BR>JMail v3.6.3<BR>ODBC/MDAC/UDA v2.5<BR>Perl v5.22 including MD5 Module<BR>Scripting Encoder v1<BR>Scripting Host v1<BR>VB Scripting Libraries v5<BR>

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    Default Nothing there that will help <eom>


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    Default well, it might be possible...

    ... dependent on the configuration, to fire the command-line FTP program. it may be worth a try, and after all, what&#039;s there to lose at this point?<BR><BR>depends strongly on how good the server admin is, of course.

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