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    I have a project coming up, and was just wondering what you would say to your boss on how long it would take. I work alone on all my projects, so there isn&#039;t a team involved.<BR>I am required to create a contact management component to an existing website. Contacts will have standard fields such as Name, Company, etc. The administrator will also have the ability to create custom fields, along with the type of field (drop-down list, text box, check box, radio button), and the avaliable selections for that field. These fields show up as selections for every contact. Contacts can also have their individual websites, which show up from the main website as their own directory ( That&#039;s basically it. Contacts, custom fields, website. How long would it take you to write in ASP? Using SQL Server or equivalent.<BR>Thanks

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    Default The only hard part... making it so the admin can willy nilly change the fields. Which of course means that the &#060;FORM&#062; has to automatically change along with the fields. And now the idiotic admin comes along and adds so many fields that the form doesn&#039;t fit on the screen any more. And then you get griped at.<BR><BR>Unless this ability to add fields dynamically is super important, I&#039;d tell the boss it&#039;s a mistake: It is likely to take *LESS* time, in the long run, if you simply require that the admin contact the programming/design staff (i.e., you) to make the changes.<BR><BR>Without the dynamic field requiremen, I&#039;d think you are looking at a couple of days, not including any pretty graphics design they insist on. With the dynamic fields...Just the *testing* (add at least 5 fields of each type, with as many variations as you can think of; figure out how to readjust form layout as the number of fields changes; etc., etc.) could take two weeks.<BR><BR>

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