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    I would like to know wether or not you can a create a form that asks a set of required criteria. ie,book title- author- could this form then run a query and retreive a selection of links relevant to request, Also lets say if I decided to purchase book could the link display, Otherlands Tad Williams (8) copies left in store and after i have purchased it then display Otherlands Tad Williams (7)

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    the response page would be something like<BR><BR>Dim Sql<BR>Dim Var1<BR>Dim Var2<BR>Dim Var3<BR><BR>Var1=Request.form("Field1")<BR>Var2=Re quest.form("Field2")<BR>Var3=Request.form("Field3" )<BR><BR>Sql="Select * From Table Where Field1 like &#039%" & Var1 & "%&#039 Or Field2 Like &#039%" & Var2 & "%&#039 Or Field3 Like &#039%" & Var3 & "%&#039;" <BR><BR><BR>

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