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    dsk Guest

    Default how to hide page source

    i want to hide pagesource button on the browser,so they are unable to view the code.kindly help me how to so.

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    Soren Blidorf Guest

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    The following script disables rightclick on the mouse. That makes it more dificult to view but it will not disable view source.<BR><BR>Try it if you like ;o)<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript"&#062;<BR>function click() {<BR>if (event.button==2) {<BR>alert(&#039Action Disabled&#039)<BR>}<BR>}<BR>document.onmousedown=c lick<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;

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    Default but how to deactivate "view" menu "source" control

    hi! friend.. very fine to c ur response. its very nice. but i&#039m not able to disable the "view" menu "source" option of the browser. i dont know whether it is possible or not. and one more thing the code which u gave is for IE, what is similar code for NN ? can u help me ? if u have time pl check my Q in HTML Q&A regarding popwindow. my name is Anil kumar.<BR><BR>thanks in advance.

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    You can use JavaScript to disable the right-click menu but you can&#039t disable the View Source button without hiding the entire button bar. Then what will you do about the "Save" option on the file menu? What about browsers that don&#039t support JavaScript or have it turned off? There is no realistic way to prevent someone who wants to see your source from getting it. Once they view the page in their browser it&#039s on their hard drive. All they have to do is open it in notepad to see the source.<BR><BR>What you need to ask yourself is if what you are trying to hide is so unique and proprietary that it&#039s worth all the effort it will take to make it just a little harder to view? If it is, I&#039m willing to bet that whoever wants to view it will also go to that little extra bit of effort to view it.

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    About hidding the source code... well you can&#039t<BR><BR>anyway you can make a page i can get your source code in a matter of minutes.<BR><BR>there is a very simple way around getting through the no right click.. (right click + hold down, press enter, let go of right mousebutton and menu pops up with view source)<BR><BR>experiment with that...<BR><BR>you can also check in your CACHE to find pages that are hard to get to...<BR><BR>if you didn&#039t even know how to do the right click thing then your source won&#039t have anything so valuable that lots of other people haven&#039t done 100 times already.<BR><BR>if you write special Javascript or code just put a copyright notice and if people take it that&#039s illegal and can be taken to court...<BR><BR>if you are worried so much about your source get into ASP, Cold fusion, CGI/perl, or compiled programming which people can&#039t view<BR><BR>welcome =)

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