how to get client connection speed?

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    I&#039;ve this problem:<BR> <BR>How can I get, using C#, the internet connection speed of the user of my aspx pages?<BR>I&#039;ve searched something to do this everywhere but I only find a not free additional components (browserHawk).<BR><BR>Is there a simple way to do this?<BR> <BR> Tank you very muth for your attention and please excuse me <BR> for my terrible<BR> english.

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    The "normal" way of doing this is to send a large amount of text to the client and then measure the amount of time it takes to receive.<BR><BR>In client-side JavaScript, you&#039;d just create a timer object, send the data, then create another timer object afterwards (and note the difference in time). It&#039;s then quite simple - speed = size of data / speed. Obviously, if you want an accurate number (especially considering the size of most people&#039;s connections now), you&#039;ll need to send a reasonably large amount of data.<BR><BR>In ASP.NET, I assume you would have to approach the problem in a similar manner.<BR><BR>Craig.

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