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    I have one textbox control and i have two buttons on same page.<BR>There is one requiredfieldvalidator control which is bind with this text box.<BR>Now what i want when somebody clicks on first button the error message shud be different with when somebody click on second button.<BR>

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    There is no easy way to do this on the client, make the validation server-side and change which validator is enabled in the event handler, then call page.validate

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    Default tried at serever side

    i tried at the server side but everytime i get an error stating that "object reference has not set" inspite of creating new requiredfieldvalidator object and associated with textbox<BR><BR>i was not able to proceed further.<BR><BR>

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    Just put the controls and validators in the html, don&#039;t create them in code.<BR><BR>Set the enableClientScript of the validators to false.<BR>Set the enabled property to false;<BR><BR>When a button is clicked, set the enabled property of the appropriate validator to true ,call Page.Validate() then check Page.IsValid before doing the real buisness.<BR><BR><BR>

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