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    Greetings:<BR><BR>I have migrated our web site from IIS 4. 0 NT to IIS 6.0 2003 Web Edition and I am having problems with the search page. When I do a search from Index Service it goes ok, but when I do a search from a client&#039;s computer I get back hits on the subject, but when I click on the link it reverts back to the search form. Can someone tell me what to do to correct this. Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Patrick

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    I doubt it&#039;s advanced as such, but there&#039;s really no details for us to go on. IIS 6.0 is a lot tighter in security than IIS 4.0 ever was, so likely to be something there, but some sort of detail might help.<BR><BR><BR>j<BR>

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